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Here’s the thing about Elementary:

Im really grateful that Sherlock and Joan’s friendship is completely platonic. It’s an extremely refreshing thing to find on television. To have an equal partnership, plantonic relationship, with no sexual subtexts, between a grown man and a woman. I really want…


Cats on treadmills, so you lose.
Seriously. Only cat videos. Ever.


I’ve never wanted to and never thought I would have to ask people I don’t know for financial help but I really do need it.

As you might know Yoda got his eye scratched by another dog while playing and I’ve had to spend over £200 on it this week alone in vet fees and medication for him, it’s still not got that much better so he’s going back Tuesday and instantly it’s £40 to be seen by our vet let alone any more meds this is all building and I’m panicking.

Just now my cat came in like this. I say came in I had to drag him in as he was so fucking scared to move from under the car, I lured him out with treats. He’s been gone about 24 hours so I was worried and I bought him in and in the dark I could feel he had a lumpy coat but as soon as I got in I could see why he was scared.

He’s been utterly mauled by what I assume will be other cats and maybe a fox. He’s got a swollen face and most of his furs missing on the right side of his face, his eye has green stuff coming out of it and hes limping. 
His whole coat is matted and covered in blood, the back of his head is cut to shreds and I just can’t stop crying for him. I can’t really get great photos cus he doesn’t want me to touch his face.

I’m really sorry if this is all misspelled and doesn’t make sense I’m panicking as I can’t afford to do much, I know you might say hey its your fault for having pets but I love my babies to death and I do as much as I can for them so please if you can help me and spare anything click on the donate link to help both my poorly babies.

Even if you can only spare 10p it all helps or even just reblog it will help. 
I will keep everyone updated, I’m going to borrow money from a stupid loan website to take him to the vet if I have to.

It’s easy for the haters to say ‘why have you got so many pets’ it’s cus I can’t say no. I now only have 3 cats and two dogs and they’re all loved very much, the reason  I can’t afford this is I am not currently working, (WHEN I RESCUED/GOT THESE ANIMALS I WAS)  not only because my job at HMV ended but because my mother is disabled and I have 2 young brothers who are like whirlwinds. My stepdad just left us and I feel I have to look after my family as they are all I have along with my animals. I’m not looking for sympathy hence why I never post about my life troubles but I am just really upset at how bad he looks right now. 

Click here to donate 

Thank you all for your help, from the bottom of my heart I am truely grateful  I’ll post updates if anyones interested. 

Please donate if you can. She’s awesome and takes genuinely good care of her pets and this poor thing’s been attacked twice now and we all know how expensive vets are. Pets are our babies and I know I’d do anything to help another cat.

I can’t ski, I can’t ride, I can’t speak Latin , my legs only come up to here and yes I will always be just a little bit fat.

Bridget Jones


David Tennant & David Morrissey in Blackpool

(you have no idea how hard I laughed when they started dancing ok)

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